Our Processing steps in Glance :

After years of processing experience, We have set our own Processing procedure which has made Loan officers concentrate on producing loans rather than babysitting on Loans. Below is our normal Processing procedure and we flexible to work as per Brokers requirements.

  • Step 1: Loan Originator takes application, pulls Credit, chooses Lender and?sends the Processor notification of file along with Title contact, copy of FNM or PCF and? ?'Submission & Disclosures request template' .
  • Step 2: Processor will review the file as per Lender/Investor guidelines, prepares LE, runs AUS and sends need list and disclosures for Corres loans. On Wholesale Loans, Disclosures will be requested from the Lender.
  • Step 3: Upon receipt of Signed Disclosures and Documents, Processor will?verify Income, Assets etc., arranges the documents as per Lender's stacking order and submit the file to the Lender for Conditional approval.
  • Step 4: Processor will order Appraisal, VOE, Prelim Title, Prelim CD, HOI, Payoff letter etc. Processor will check the Lender's turn time and will do regular follow ups.
  • Step 5: After Conditional approval, Processor will collect all the documents and sends the file to Lender for Final approval.
  • Step 6: After Final approval, Processor will coordinate with all parties to schedule Closing.
  • Step 7: Processor will make sure that Lender has all the funding conditions to Fund.